Natural and medical sciences

2023 Issue №3

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Northern cities of Russia: geographical features and modern approaches to research



Contemporary scientific literature lacks clear formulations of the concepts «Arctic city», «city of the Far North», and «Northern city». This is largely due to the vague boundaries between the territories of the North and the Arctic. Within the framework of this study, the main approaches to defining the boundaries of the North were considered, and a comparative analysis of northern cities located in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, Far North regions, and areas equated to them was conducted to determine the possibility of establishing clear boundaries between the specified concepts and defining their specificity in the conditions of modern zoning of the North. All northern settlements with city status were analyzed, and they were grouped based on territorial features, natural-climatic conditions, and economic specialization. The issue of additional zoning or clustering of northern territories, taking into account the modern economic situation, was also addressed.