Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №4

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Structure and content of competence in the field of game-based educational technologies for future higher education Teachers in social and humanitarian disciplines .



The article analyzes the publications, containing attempts to develop approaches, models, and systems for the formation and development of competencies in the field of game-based educational technologies and practices for future university teachers of social disciplines and humanities. Based on the analyzed works, conditions are identified under which game technologies can be applied in education. A criteria-level description of the competence “Ability and readiness to master game-based educational technologies and apply them in teaching social and humanitarian disciplines” is provided. Two key aspects of forming and developing the target competence are highlighted: scientific-methodological and practice-oriented, which should complement each other systematically in the course of professional training for future university teachers of social and humanitarian disciplines. The author also considers such aspects as the inclusion of the “Modern Game-based Educational Technologies” course in the elective part of the curriculum for the preparation of bachelor’s degrees in various fields and profiles and updating the content of pedagogical internships.