Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №4

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Unofficial astyonyms and katoyconyms as markers of regional identity



The paper focuses on unofficial names for the city of Kaliningrad and its residents inves­tigated on user comments in regional social networks and a survey conducted by regional media (approximately 5000 participants). The study identifies the main patterns of forming unofficial demonyms and toponyms, including those derived from the pre-war name of the city, Königsberg. The pragmatic functions performed by these names are determined. There is noted an asymmetry in the composition of unofficial names for the residents of Kaliningrad compared to the demonyms that can potentially serve as motivating bases. It is established that the presence of a significant number of pejorative nominations within the framework of the regional onomasticon is driven by the residents’ desire to improve the city’s condition and preserve their own identity.