Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №4

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Verb in the lexical structure of hagiographic text: syntagmatic aspect



Using a comprehensive approach to the analysis of linguistic facts, a fragment of the lexi­cal structure of hagiographic text formed by verbal units is characterized. The material for the study consists of hagiographic lives of saints and martyrs from the Synodal edition, which are part of the May cycle of the Menaion Reader. The authors focus on the syntagmatic aspect of the lexical structure of the hagiographic text, manifested in the distribution of lexical units and their collocations. As a result, a quantitative dynamics of verbal units is identified, re­flected in the increase in the proportion of verbs in the part of the hagiography describing the saint’s journey to righteousness. The distribution of verbs throughout the text of different lexical-semantic groups is determined by the type of monastic or martyric asceticism of the saint and the content of the compositional part embodying various hagiographic topoi. The role of lexical repetition in expressing the content of the text is demonstrated. The specificity of hagiographic lives is established, characterized by the use of verbal units whose meaning has evolved through semantic derivation, reflecting the metaphorical reinterpretation of a specific action in a spiritual plane.