Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №4

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Text formation function of the author's modality in the poetry of Joseph Brodsky (on the poem «I always kept saying that the fate is a game...» — «Я всегда твердил, что судьба — игра...»)



The article has conducted a comprehensive analysis of Joseph Brodsky’s poem “I always kept saying that the fate is a game...” based on functional-semantic and communicative-pragmatic approaches. In the process of analysis, the main emphasis is placed on the author’s modality as a means of transmitting his individual worldview. The author’s modality is con­sidered as a text-forming semantic category, explicit at various textual levels: lexical, syntac­tic, phonetic, and compositional. The role of the following language resources in structuring the authorial modality of the analyzed text has been identified: syntactic parallelism, poetic meter and rhythm, tropes of various structures, stylistic diversity of vocabulary, phonetic instrumentation, and compositional organization of speech. It is established that the combina­tion of means expressing the author’s modality in the poem is a way of representing signifi­cant philosophical categories for the poet, such as time, space, loneliness, and fate.