Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №3

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Functions of words-realities in S. Rushdie’s novel “midnight’s Children”



The article examines the features of the functioning of realia words in the text of Salman Rushdie's novel "Midnight’s Children." The delimitation of the term "realia words" is car­ried out in its comparison with the concept of "realia." The language specificity of the novel is noted, which consists of intentionally incorporating exotic vocabulary into the text without corresponding authorial commentary, the meaning of which can be understood by a non-native reader only within a specific context. Lexico-semantic groups of realia words are high­lighted, contributing to the creation of national-cultural color and referentially related to local objects and popular dishes of Indian national cuisine. The artistic pragmatics of realia words in the novel "Midnight’s Children" is characterized. The role of toponyms is characterized by their involvement in structuring the local coordinates of the textual continuum. It has been demonstrated that the nominations of national dishes used by the author serve to intensify the development of plotlines in artistic narrative. The realia words of this group function in the novel as means of creating social color, markers of significant events in the characters' lives, indicators of the characters' emotional states, explicators of the retrospective mental-cognitive activities of the subjective narrator, and also serve as the organizing link in the circular composition of the novel.