Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №3

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Language indicators of confrontational speech strategies used in everyday marital discourse



The article examines the features of representing the confrontational speech strategy of discreditation, used in everyday communication, particularly in marital discourse. The goal of the research is to identify the speech tactics employed in domestic communication between spouses for the purpose of discrediting and weakening the communicative position of the communication partner. To achieve the research goal, descriptive method, method of compo­nent analysis, observation and interpretation method, intent analysis, and discourse analysis were applied. Linguistic indicators expressing the confrontational speech strategy were stud­ied at all levels of the language system — semantic, lexical, lexico-grammatical, syntactic, as well as at the pragmatic one, taking into account the communication situation. Dialogues between spouse characters in the poem "Dialogue at the Television" by V. S. Vysotsky served as material for observation, representing a vivid example of role lyrics.

The research established that the discreditation strategy is implemented through speech tactics of threat, accusation, reproach, request, appeals to authority, and appeals to precedent. The analysis resulted in the identification of typical linguistic indicators that shape specific confrontational speech tactics.