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2023 Issue №3

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Digital transformation of Russian prosecution bodies: current status and development prospects



The article discusses the development and implementation of digital technologies in the supervisory activities of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation. The main aspects of the state policy on the digital transformation of the bodies and organizations of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office have been studied. The authors focus on general trends in the informatiza­tion of prosecutorial activities for the purpose of strengthening legality and maintaining law and order. The experience of the effective implementation of informational platforms in the Prosecutor’s Office of St. Petersburg, providing for the qualification improvement and know­led­ge assessment of prosecutors, is presented. In addition, the article reflects the digital trans­for­mation of the prosecution authorities in the context of the 2020—2021 pandemic. and sanctions pressure from unfriendly countries against the backdrop of the current foreign poli­cy situation. The relevance of training specialists in information security and the protection of the digital infrastructure of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation is substantiated. The article identifies the main directions of developing the system of prosecutors’ qualification enhancement in the context of a practice-oriented digital educational environment. An analy­sis of tasks within the digitization of supervisory activities is conducted, and proposals are formulated to enhance the efficiency and optimize both departmental control by the Russian Prosecutor’s Office and information-analytical and monitoring activities during supervisory measures.