Natural and medical sciences

2023 Issue №2

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Emission levels and identification of NOx and SO2 sources in the South-eastern Baltic on the results of observations at the background monitoring station Diabla Góra (Poland)



The aim of this study was to investigate the levels of emissions and identify the sources of NOx and SO2 pollution in a rural station in the south-eastern Baltic (Diabla Gora). This analysis was conducted using hourly NOx and SO2 concentration data and meteorological variables (wind speed and direction), which were analyzed over a period of four years (2018—2021). Time series plots, wind and pollutant roses, application of a conditional probability function, and inverse trajectories were considered to analyze the data and identify emission sources. The average concentration of NOx and SO2 for the study period was 2.12 µg/m3 and 0.27 µg/m3, respectively. The results showed a definite pattern for daily and monthly varia­tions, with peaks in the morning hours and at the beginning and end of the year (January and December, respectively). The main identified sources of NOx and SO2 emissions were located south of the monitoring station, particularly during cold periods when the highest concentra­tions were recorded.