Natural and medical sciences

2023 Issue №2

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Methods of combating hogweed (Heracleum spondylium) and the possibility of their application in the Kaliningrad region



The study deals with the problem of the hogweed thickets spread and ways to solve this issue. Initially, hogweed was grown in the USSR for livestock feed, but it grew uncontrollably and became a threat to the local flora and humans. The study describes a variety of control methods for hogweed, including chemical, electrochemical, and mechanical methods, as well as grazing and mulching. The methods have been evaluated and compared, and it is suggested that an integrated approach combining several methods may be the most effective solution. However, the characteristics of the affected area, the age of the plants and the use of the affect­ed land must be taken into account to determine the appropriate method. In conclusion, pre­ventive measures are proposed to stop the spread of hogweed seeds.