Natural and medical sciences

2023 Issue №2

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Russia and China in the international digital domain



Russia and China are the countries with an active digital agenda and a high level of In­ternetization of the population. The modern foreign policy vector of the governments of the two countries is aimed at strengthening cooperation, including the digital sphere. The article provides an assessment of the cross-country digital divide with an emphasis on the analysis of the dynamics in the development of information and communication infrastructure and the use of the Internet by the population in 2010—2021. The technological, territorial, social and economic factors of the digital divide are considered, and a comparison is made of the main problems hindering the spread of the Internet among the population. The research results highlight the importance of public policy in bridging the digital divide, both within and be­tween the countries. The potential for expanding Russian-Chinese cooperation in technologi­cal and educational fields in order to promote economic growth and greater digital inclusion of the population is shown. The study continues the academic discussion about the role of digital technologies in the global economic development of countries and maintaining their international competitiveness.