Natural and medical sciences

2023 Issue №2

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Municipal development in modern Russia: a geopolitical aspect



The modern transformation of the world order and Russia's new place in it, which gener­ates additional problematic situations and challenges for the country, initiate the "municipal­ization" of approaches both in socio-geographical, regional studies, and in the field of state regulation of spatial development. In the municipal theme itself, at the same time, issues relat­ed to geopolitics come to the fore. The article presents general theoretical ideas about the geo­political aspects of municipal development (with the isolation of their content block directly related to "internal geopolitics"), their inventory and systematization are carried out (taking into account the special role of individual municipalities and their groupings in geopolitical processes, the general trend shift of the focus of political-geographical, socio-economic and ethnodemographic problems to the municipal the level, as well as the multidimensional influ­ence of geopolitics on the situation of municipalities). Particular attention is paid to the de­terminants and problematic situations of municipal development in the Russian Federation in the context of its sharply aggravated conflict with the "collective West" and the actual transi­tion to geostrategic multi-vector. A conceptual idea of "geostrategic municipalities" is deve­loped, their main typological invariants inherent in modern Russia are characterized.