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2023 Issue №2

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Christmas and Easter archetypes in A. Varlamov’s story “The Little Star”: to the plot and character typology problem



The Easter archetype, with its main idea of the resurrection, focuses on the spiritual reality of the Heavenly World, which requires the transformation of the soul, while the Christmas archetype carries the idea of the incarnation of God, and hence there is a need for this type of literature which refers to earthly change and earthly joy. Varlamov’s short story is distinguished by an appeal to the plot of the prodigal son, according to I. A. Esaulov, that is Easter-oriented at its core, with a three-part composition “creation (prosperity)—fall into sin (temptation/trial) — resurrection”. The Easter archetype is also embodied through the author’s referring to the hagiographic tradition, such as hagiographic topics, motifs of trial and temptation, a smart heart, in the correlation between the main female character and the image of Christ, which is manifested by the meek bearing of reproach. The Christmas archetype is presented through a multi-level star symbol, which becomes a prototype of Paradise and eternal life. The symbolism of the image of the star becomes more complicated, combined with the image of Liza; the girl, like a little star, is able to show the way to God, and this is also reflected in the title of the story.