Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №2

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Semantics of abionims in S. Snegov’s novel “People as Gods”



The article studies the onomastic space of the science fiction trilogy “People as Gods” by the Soviet science fiction writer of the second half of the 20th century. Literary abionyms related to the habitats of the heroes of the work are in the focus of the research. It is noted that the space objects of the solar system in the novel retain all real names, on the contrary, the forces hostile to humanity are distinguished by invented names that reflect the specifics of their life philosophy and destructive activity in space. The significance of another literary abionyms in the novel is determined. The author comes to the conclusion that the onomastic space of the work is connected with the writer’s picture of the world, who models the possible path of development of human civilization, based on the priority of the moral law. Literary abionyms perform an ideological and aesthetic function and at the same time endow the novel with additional deep meanings that contribute to a more holistic perception of artistic reality.