Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №2

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The role of the concorded renaming in the formation of the oikonymy in the Kaliningrad Region



The article examines the ways in which the original East Prussian and new Soviet oikonyms were concorded during the post-war renaming of some settlements in the Kaliningrad region. A comparative phonetic and semantic analysis of the respective names revealed that the same thematic correlation (with a predominance of references to the flora, fauna and water bodies of the area) and ideological antonymy, usually manifested in an indirect form, prevail among them. In addition, translation (usually partial), semantic antonymy and borrowing were used somewhat less frequently by the renaming activists to concord oikonyms. The author states that agreed renominations are insignificantly represented in the study material, not exceeding 11 % of all regional renominations, and concludes that they are predominantly accidental in nature.