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2023 Issue №2

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Forensic aspects of cyberbullying as a form of destructive behavior on the Internet



The article analyzes the criminological aspects of the cyberbullying phenomenon as a form of destructive behavior on the Internet. The authors take criminological approach in considering the psychological characteristics of such behavior, as well as forms and types of its manifestation. The research described the most socially dangerous forms of cyberbullying, carried out the problem analysis of existing methods of prevention and counteraction to cyberbullying in modern science. The problems of investigation and prevention of bullying are incurred by very limited control in the digital space, first of all social networks due to anonymity of their users. The article proposes some measures to optimize the forensic prevention of crimes committed through cyberbullying. The choice of specific preventive measures should be conditioned by: materials of the criminal case; circumstances prevailing at the time of the decision to implement preventive measures; peculiarities of the personality of the juvenile and other factors.