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2023 Issue №1

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Socio-political moods of the residents of the Kaliningrad region as an indicator of the geopolitical security of the region



The article considers one of the indicators of geopolitical security — socio-political moods. Social dissatisfaction, political trust, political activity, migration attitudes of the inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region were revealed. The study was based on the theoretical and empirical provisions of FCTAS RAS of socio-political sentiments and social tensions in Russian society. The main method is a personal semi-formalized interview of the population over 18 years old (n = 915). As a result of the study, it was revealed that the significant problems of the Kaliningrad region for the inhabitants of the region continue to be problems related to economic security: low incomes of the population, high prices for food and essential goods, high tariffs for housing and communal services. The hypothesis is confirmed that in the conditions of geopolitical tensions, the population's trust in local and federal authorities, the president and the army will increase. The political activity of the population, for the most part, comes down to discussing political events with friends, workmates in person and voting in elections. Most Kaliningraders do not consider moving out of the region. It is concluded that the level of social tension in the Kaliningrad region is at an acceptable level and there are no signs of its development into a social conflict.