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2023 Issue №1

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The model of proceedings in the court of first instance in the criminal procedure doctrine of Russia



The relevance of the study of proceedings in the court of first instance is determined by the need to build its model in the conditions of public and adversarial criminal proceedings, the purpose of which is to protect human rights. The criminal procedural norms regulating the resolution of a criminal legal dispute need to be systematized in order to apply them most effectively. Dialectical, axiological, synergetic research methods were used, as well as the theory of social action. Methods of information analysis and synthesis, comparative legal and formal legal research methods were used. The empirical basis of the study was an analysis of the legislation of the Russian Federation regulating the activities of the court of first instance, data from the Judicial Department at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The results of the study allow us to determine the purpose, objectives of the proceedings in the court of first instance, its place among other proceedings to build its effective model.