Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №1

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Language markers of terrorist-colored text and methods for their identification



A terrorist-­colored text (T-text) can be understood as a piece of speech containing specific linguistic elements denoting a terrorist threat, according to the features of which it is possible to identify not only the socially dangerous content of the utterance, but also to evaluate the degree of its impact. The archive of the dataset of the extremist website “Kavkaz” banned in the Russian Federation, which contains several thousand links to various topics, served as the material for analysis. A comprehensive method of analyzing T-texts was proposed, aimed at detecting, identifying and distributing T-information over the danger scale: a method of level analysis of language material, in which the text is analyzed as a semantic space formed by linguistic means of different levels, and a method of semasiological analysis of language material, which allows identifying elements of rigid ideologization, due to the terrorist ideology prevailing in the T-space, and unidirectional evaluation, determined by the conformity/ non-conformity of a concept to the basic provisions of the ideology of terrorism. It is concluded that the presented method of linguistic analysis makes it possible to detect verbal signs of a terrorist threat in the discursive space, presented at the explicit and implicit levels, and thus provide a high level of objectivity in linguistic analysis.