Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2023 Issue №1

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Word-combinations в потоке + Genitive and быть в потоке in modern Russian speech



The article deals with the problem of metaphorical verbalization of the inner state of a person using the example of a non-predicative combination в потоке + Genitive and a predicative combination быть в потоке. Attention to the semantics of the lexeme поток (flow) and to the connotative features of these combinations is due to the high frequency of metaphorical use of the word поток and combinations like “Я в потоке” in the texts of modern media and social networks. The purpose of the article is to identify semantic features and connotative signs of combinations в потоке + Genitive and быть в потоке in the modern Russian speech. The research relies on component and contextual analysis. The work explicates the connotative semes of the noun поток, which are presented in its dictionary definitions; connotative semes that are actualized when using combinations в потоке + Genitive and быть в потоке in specific types of contexts are identified and analyzed on the data from the National Corpus of the Russian language. It is shown that the phenomenon поток in the Russian language consciousness is evaluated mainly negatively, which is expressed by certain lexical-semantic and morphological-syntactic language means that are regularly encountered in contexts.