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2022 Issue №4

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Geopolitical security of contemporary Russia: essence, structure, fundamentals of monitoring



The article examines the essence of the geopolitical security phenomenon, studies the specifics of the geopolitical security of modern Russia. The main threats and vulnerabilities affecting the current state of Russia’s geopolitical security are highlighted. The author determines necessity, content and structure of the process of monitoring the geopolitical security of our country. As a part of monitoring the process of threats and vulnerabilities development, it is proposed to use such sociological technologies as content analysis and event analysis. The purpose of the study is to reveal the specifics of the phenomenon of geopolitical security of the Russian Federation and some ways to ensure it. The author employs systematic, comparative and phenomenological research methods. The author suggests definition of the “geopolitical security” concept as such a state of security of the geopolitical space of society from threats and vulnerabilities that it can ensure the unhindered survival and development of this very society. It is argued that geopolitical security is a systemic phenomenon, and its implementation is also a systemic phenomenon, for which constant monitoring of its current state is important. The author’s definition of the concept of “monitoring the state of geopolitical security” is given as a study of the process of formation, changes in time and ways of eliminating and/or preventing threats and vulnerabilities for the existence and development of this society.