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2022 Issue №4

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Tactical and psychological problems of maintaining public prosecution in jury trial



The article states that psychological knowledge is important for effectively exercising state prosecution in a jury trial. The main purpose of the research is to establish and analyze existing tactical and psychological issues of prosecutor’s participation in court proceedings in criminal cases with the participation of jurors and to develop proposals for their solution. The set of general scientific and special methods is the background of the methodology of research. The article identifies common strategies the defense can illegally influence jurors and emphasizes the importance for the state prosecutor to consider the confessional and national characteristics of the region where the case is being considered. It also looks into the necessity to develop a unified approach to delimitation of illegal and acceptable influence on jurors. The article considers the challenges of overcoming psychological influence of the attorney for the defense on the jury; the influence of certain emotions of the jury on the final verdict in the case; determines the character of certain evidence and circumstances of the criminal case upon the jury; establishes the degree of external communication influence on the jury. The conclusion is made about the necessity of developing applied solutions of supporting the prosecution in the court of jury on the basis of interdisciplinary approach.