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2022 Issue №4

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Macrophytes of the Russian part of the Kaliningrad Bay / Vistula Lagoon (Baltic Sea basin)



The authors study the modern composition of the macrophyte flora of the Kaliningrad Bay (The Russian part of the Vistula Lagoon), which includes 116 species: 96 species of vas­cular plants and 20 species of macroalgae. Only 39 species of macrophytes were found in 2021, i. e., 19 species of higher plants and 20 species of macroalgae. Depending on the abiotic factors in the four hydrological regions of the lagoon, the floristic diversity and distribution of macrophytes has its own characteristics. The maximum species diversity (29 species), as well as the biomass of macrophytes, are characteristic of the eastern region, characterized by mini­mal salinity values and a high level of nutrients.