Natural and medical sciences

2022 Issue №4

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Influence of ecological changes on hospitality industry technologies



Currently, ecological management systems are an important prerequisite for successful functioning and competitiveness of accommodation facilities. The article discusses the best practices of hotel chains which consider ecological changes introduced into the technological processes of hotel enterprises, as well as the practices of eco-certification. The authors high­light some benefits, including economic ones, from the introduction of waste reduction and recycling programs in hotels. Green activities in the post-coronavirus period, due to growing demand for more environmentally friendly services, is seen as the one of primary importance. The article shares the analytical results of the Russian experience in hotel resource saving management. Waste disposal programs should be implemented in a comprehensive manner though environmental initiatives of hotel enterprises can be challenged by the absence of pro­cessing enterprises in the regions. It is concluded that green trends of accommodation facili­ties in the Russian and Kaliningrad hospitality sectors are not dynamic enough, which re­quires further enhancement of the regulatory and legal framework in the hospitality industry, including the introduction of eco-technologies.