Physics, mathematics, and technology

2022 Issue №1

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Development of a monitoring and control system for the indoor microclimate



A monitoring and control system is a system that allows you to remotely collect data on indicators from monitoring objects, without a physical presence. This system allows you to work both with sensors and other devices directly, and with an intermediate device, for example, with a controller or a local hub. In the current implementation, obtaining data on tem­perature, humidity and energy consumption of heating in a room has been created. The system also includes a feedback channel for controlling actuator devices, that is, command de­vices. One of these types of devices is a heat exchanger — a device for blowing air into a room for the purpose of thermoregulation. The current implementation also provides for the control of the heat exchanger by setting the schedule for its operation. The system has an information and analytical environment that allows you to display data that is convenient for perception and analyze energy consumption.