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2022 Issue №4

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Image of Christ in Boris Poplavsky’s book of verses “Snowy hour”



The image of Christ is analyzed in Boris Poplavsky’s book of verses “Snowy hour”. Biblical allusions, lyrical plot of poems, composition and an image of lyrical subject are considered. Researched levels of literary text are studied with connection with the image of Christ, whose personality has important place in religious diaries of the poet. This diaries becomes the foundation of the lyrical book and in them theological conception of “Snowy hour” is justified. Contents of the article is presented of analyze and disclosure of main topics , whose are announced in ego-documents of the poet and are founded artistic embodiment in his lyric. Aeon of Christ is the central concept of the work, it goes back to gnostic conception by Valentinus and to the book by D. S. Merezhkovsky “Atlantis-Europe”. This term has two senses in Poplavsky’s art, it explains basic connotations in Christ’s image in “Snowy hour” and in diaries. Firstly, it’s a god-medium between worlds of humans and God; according to Poplavsky this sense includes concepts of earth nature of Christ and His kindness, He’s prophet, who is between Hell and Cosmos and goes the thorny path of the righteous. Secondly, he’s kingdom of spirit, divine space beyond the earthly world, to witch a difficult path leads, which marks a spiritual rebirth of man and world. It explains the specifics of the composition and lyrical plot of the book “Snowy hour”, when the hero is going the special path, the elevation to heaven harmony through overcoming himself human “Luciferian” nature.