Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №4

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The artistic embodiment of meteorological phenomena in the novel “Polar lands — tragic lands” by P.- E. Victor



The article examines the artistic realisation of the northern landscape and the system of images of the polar space’ nature in the novel by the French polar writer P.-E. Victor. The relevance of the research is supported not only by the relatively little-studied heritage of P.- E. Victor in Russia but also by the poor knowledge of the key aspects of his poetics. The logic of the formation of the visual complex is traced, which combines the realistic approach to the weather phenomena of the Arctic and their literary psychologization. A close connection is revealed between the images of snow, blizzard, frost, wind and the reflection of the worldview of travelers exhausted by difficult living conditions. Analytical observations of the text of the novel also give grounds to assert that the artistic embodiment of meteorological phenomena occupies a strong textual position in it and reflects the specifics of the narrative style of the genre of diary entries.