Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №4

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The ethno-cultural component of a woman image in the novel by M. A. Sholokhov “And Quiet Flows the Don”



The current stage of philology development is characterized by a complex approach to the study of interdisciplinary categories, among which the image category should be attributed. In contemporary research on psycholinguistics, semiotics, discursology, semantics, stylistics, linguoculturology, etc., various aspects of the image of linguistic and artistic are considered. At the same time, the image of a woman appears not only as a significant image of the Russian conceptual sphere, but also as an essential component of M. A. Sholokhov’s artistic picture of the world, reflected in the novel “And Quiet Flows the Don”. The purpose of the article is to analyze the ways of representing one of the structural components of the image of a woman, in particular the ethno-cultural component, in the discursive space of the novel. The main research methods are descriptive, contextual and discursive analysis, lexicographic, ethnographic, component analysis method, etc. The article shows that the ethno-cultural component of a woman’s image structure is based on the dialect picture of the world of the Don Cossacks and is represented within a separate verbal sign or by describing the appearance or behavior of a woman in a particular context. In addition, the ethno-cultural component is reflected in the representation of the linguistic personality of the  novel’s female characters, reflecting the originality of the Don dialects at the phonetic, lexical, grammatical levels. Based on the analysis of various ways of representing the image of a woman in M. A. Sholokhov’s novel “And Quiet Flows the Don”, it was found that the ethnocultural component of the structure of the image of a woman conveys the typical and stereotyped features of the Don Cossack.