Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №4

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Identification of intonation and emotions of the native language in vocal melody perception



The issue of interrelation between vocal music and native language intonation has constantly been arousing academic interest among intonation researchers. As a form of language existence, vocal music reveals specific tonal features that imply communicative and emotive meanings perceived via the human auditory faculty. A vocal-music utterance is intonationally correlated with samples of oral speech, this fact proving intonological essence of the considered phenomenon, whose systemic studies have only recently started. This paper describes an attempt to obtain factual data on the character of intonational correlation of national vocal music to the native language. The experiment was based on psycholinguistic approach and was performed by means of perceptive analysis. The author presents the concept of intonational percept of the Russian folk song by the native speakers. The concept has been tested in a number of tests on traditional folk songs perception. The findings of the psycholinguistic experiment prove the existence of a common invariant of the intonational percept of vocal folklore with all the representatives of a language community. This enables them to recognize a vocal tune as belonging to their native language intonationally, differentiate it from foreign tunes, and identify its emotive meanings.