Natural and medical sciences

2022 Issue №3

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Determination of the optimal approach to measuring the spleen sizes by sonography



There is a large number of ways to measure the size of the spleen by ultrasonography. Methodically correct examination is the key to the accurate determination of splenomegaly. The article describes well-known methods for determining its size and volume, which are used in sonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The aim of the study is to identify the most accurate way to measure the volume of the spleen during ultrasound examination. Therefore, the authors performed the ultrasound examination of the spleen of 40 patients, the measurement was carried out in three positions of the patient’s body, in each of the positions three methods of measuring and calculating the volume of the organ were used. During the processing of the results, it was revealed that optimal visualization was provided in the patient’s supine position, the orientation of the ultrasound transducer along the long axis of the spleen. One patient obtained different volume values — the average difference was 40—70 ml, and in some cases reached 150 ml. This indicates the influence of additional factors on visualization — these include the somatic type of the patient, the variability of the shape of the spleen when changing the position of the body, the shape of the spleen.