Natural and medical sciences

2022 Issue №3

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Sectoral composition of the economy as a typological attribute



Structuring information is critical to learning the difference between the countries of the world. The typology is one of the scientific methods of systematizing information. Selecting a typological attribute becomes a major challenge of methodology for creating a typology due to the richness of information. This article provides an example of the typology of the countries based on their types of sectoral composition of the economy. The research attempts at assessing the degree of the information richness of sectoral composition of the economy as typological attribute for economy typology. The article concern definitions «typology», «GDP», «sectoral composition of the economy», «servicization» and «tertiarization». The author offers some methodology to determine the types of sectoral composition of the economy and the thresholds for GDP. The article also analyzes relation between type of sectoral composition of the economy and income of the population expressed in GDP per capita. The economic types proposed the article form homogeneous areas, which include several countries. Types of sectoral structure of the world’s economies are located on the world map with certain patterns.