Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №3

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Allusions in poetic work of Mikhail Matusowsky: philological and cultural-historical aspects



Allusion as a technique of fiction has been studied by various scientific disciplines for the past few decades. This “translator” of cultural, historical and literary information is a significant element that serves to reveal the author’s intention. Allusive inclusions from the works of M. Matusovsky are divided into groups depending on the source of allusions. Biblical, literary and cinematic allusions are studied in detail as the most significant in terms of functional and stylistic use. Allusive references are considered due to their semantics, historical and cultural context. Historical, literary, cultural sources of information are brought to study the semantic nature of allusive inclusions. The article also analyzes stylistic functions of allusion. It is noted that the allusion technique is used not only to give poems an emotionally expressive sound, but also to activate the consciousness of readers, create additional literary associations.