Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №3

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The motive of duality in the novel “Cursed Place” by M.I. Voskresensky



The topic “duality” in novel “The damned place”, written by M. I. Voskresensky, little known author of the “second line” is revealed through the changes the main character has undergone within three years and female twin-images, who look similar, but differ in nature. Duality plays a significant role in novel’s plot, it reveals characters’ personalities. At the same time duality of female images becomes a moment of their testing, examination of their morality and feelings. Male images (Linsky and Lonsky) do not pass this test, female ones (Claudia and Masha), thanks to duality, discover the true values of life, which are not in love for a man and not in wealth, but in following a sense of duty to parents and natural inclinations. Thus, the duality in the moralistic novel The Cursed Place reveals the true nature of the characters. It is the moral assessment of the characters that the narrator and the author focus on.