Natural and medical sciences

2022 Issue №2

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. Evolution of transport network of the Russian-Belarusian border area: on historical and geographical research



The article considers the issues of the transport system evolution in the modern territory of the Russian-Belarusian border area. Transport is noted for its special role in regional development and its contribution to the develop­ment of interregional ties, the formation of cross-border regions. The transport net­work forms a certain infrastructure in the regions, thanks to it con­nec­tivity and integrity are achieved. The development of the transport system ref­lects the main stages of the development of civilization as a whole and within individual regions. The article highlights the main stages of such development of the transport network in the modern territory of the Russian-Belarusian border area. Particular attention is paid to its transit, intercapital geogra­phi­cal position, and the impact of transport development on regional growth. The author remarks that in modern conditions, transport connectivity acts as the most important factor in the integrity of the Union State.