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2022 Issue №2

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Management of Migration Processes in the Far East: Dysfunctions of Socio-Demographic Policy in the Region



The author identifies and analyzes the dysfunctions generated by the socio-demographic situation in Russia. This study contains a critical analysis of the demographic indicators of the Far Eastern Federal District and Russia as a whole, through which a critical assessment of the region’s current development program and an analysis of its compliance with public expectations are formed. One of the fundamental issues of the study is migration of Russia’s population, because many regions of the country set an urgent task to increase regional migration attractiveness due to the prolonged migration outflow of the population. As part of the empirical basis, the author relies on available statistical data, sociological surveys and the author’s research. The article provides an analysis of statistical reports of the Russian Federation and the Far East. Based on the results of the study, the author identifies factors that can stimulate migration, increasing the quality of life and, consequently, the migration attractiveness of the territory, which, in turn, can help to improve the socio-demographic indicators of the Far East and Russia as a whole.