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2022 Issue №2

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Media fakes in the election campaign in France in 2022



In modern realities, the greatest attention is paid to fake political news in media, the purpose of which is to manipulate public opinion and eliminate a political competitor. At the moment, France is holding quite tense presidential elections, which were preceded by an election campaign using fakes. The purpose of this study is to show the strategy of candidates in the media space during the election campaign in France in April, 2022. The first part of the publication presents a conceptual analysis of the phenomenon of “fake” in foreign and Russian scientific discourse. It has been established that fake news can pose a threat to society and the state, be designed to misinform the population and form false collective beliefs. In the political media space, false news is associated with party affiliation and is distinguished by ideological polarization. The second part of the article studies the national experience of France in developing “psychic news” during the electoral campaign in 2022. It has been then established that candidates for the office from the “left” in the person of Emmanuel Macron and the “right” in the person of Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmur used media labels in their public statements. Each candidate seeks to create a certain image of their own to be attractive to the electorate. To achieve this task, French politicians in the electoral struggle turned to inaccurate information to obtain the maximum possible support of voters in the elections.