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2022 Issue №2

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On mortgage potential in the digital monetary era



The study focuses on the evolution of the financial system that has created prerequisites for the world capital to re-evaluate the investment potential of individual assets. This turned out to be extremely relevant for cryptocurrencies as well. The purpose of this study is to systematize various points of view about the cryptocurrency, including the antagonism manifested in the approaches, namely, “cryptocurrency is nothing” and “cryptocurrency is the future” due to its services and opportunities that it provides through the digitalization of the economy, namely the potential for the development of the digital infrastructure layer. The paper examines the impact of cryptocurrencies on financial, investment and industrial capital. An important emphasis is placed on the impact of the crypto market on liquidity in the economy. The results of the work can be used for further in-depth research of the cryptocurrency market as a driver of liquidity in the economy, namely in the mortgage sector.