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2022 Issue №2

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Functions of the prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation in protecting the social rights of employees of healthcare institutions: theoretical and practical issues



The article analyzes the state of legality in the field of social security of health workers, considers the implementation of the prosecutor’s powers to oversee the enforcement of laws in the social sphere, the execution of the rights of health workers to remuneration for work, compensatory and incentive and other payments, as well as additional social benefits. The authors introduce the results of the prosecutorial activity of the prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg in protecting the rights of medical workers. The analysis covers as well the problems of legal regulation, the federal and regional legislation for the rights and legitimate interests of medical workers. The authors conclude that the proper attention given to the state of legality, the substantiation of theoretical and legal problems in such an important, relevant area today as the protection of the rights of domestic health workers, will improve labor legislation and health protection legislation, as well as increase the effectiveness of the prosecutor’s exercise of powers to supervision over the implementation of laws and the observance of rights, will allow timely and prompt elimination of obvious contradictions and gaps in legislation and in law enforcement.