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2022 Issue №2

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The specificities of healthcare corruption offences during the Covid-19 pandemic



The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees every citizen the right to health protection and medical care. The practical exercising of these rights depends on the productive work of the healthcare system and the efforts of the state to maintain and develop it. Corruption in the medical environment continues to be a frequent phenomenon, creating a barrier to equal access of patients to medical care and related services, reducing the effectiveness of medical institutions, leading to waste and embezzlement of budgetary funds. The subject of this research is the study of factors of negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic on corruption crimes committed in the field of health care. Examples given in the article allow us to identify circumstances that require special attention during the investigation of criminal cases of the relevant direction, because with their help we can not only significantly expand the range of detected crimes, but also to develop a set of measures aimed at preventing corrupt practices in medicine. Practical importance of the study lies in the possibility of using its results to form the criminalistics of corruption crimes committed in the health sector, considering the features arising under the influence of various crisis phenomena in this area.