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2022 Issue №1

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On the development of a western worldview in the context of the journal “Vestnik Evropy” in the correspondence between Alexey Veselovsky and Alexander Pypin



This article examines an extensive collection of 46 letters sent by Alexey N. Veselovsky to Alexander N. Pypin (found in IRL RAS (Saint Petersburg)) and 47 letters of Alexander N. Pypin to Alexey N. Veselovsky (found in RSL (Moscow)). The epistolary heritage of the famous Moscow literary critic Ale­xey N. Veselovsky has not yet been studied. Using the materials of his episto­lary exchange with the literary historian and academician Alexander N. Pypin we have outlined this scientific and literary circle of philologists along with their personal and business relationships, better defined their input in popularizing the ideas of Westernism at the end of the 19th century, and also de­scribed their journalistic activities during the period of cooperation with a lib­eral journal “Herald of Europe”. The author believes that Pypin's ideas in­fluenced development of Veselovsky as a scientist. This correspondence ap­pears to be highly valuable both as an important record of Alexey Veselovsky's autobi­og­raphy and the whole epoch of the end of the 19th — the early 20th cen­tury.