Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №2

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Procedural texts in the formation and assessment of functional literacy in the primary school



The article analyses the possibilities of using procedural texts for the formation and assessment of the functional literacy of elementary school students on the basis of an independent assessment of the results of primary education within the framework of the PSHPU Quality Cluster project. This study relies on the method of comparative analysis of Russian and foreign scientific sources, the principle of unity of historical and logical. The methodological foundations of the research are the concepts of “zone of actual development”, “zone of proximal development”, “independent assessment”, “activity approach”, “meta-subject coordination”. Finally, the texts for the development and assessment of functional literacy were classified: explanatory and procedural, continuous and non-continuous, the structure of the procedural text was identified. An independent assessment of functional literacy resulted in the description of the main difficulties that arise when primary school students work with similar texts. The author notes the need for appropriate training of primary school teachers.