Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №2

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Distant learning in the Institute of Medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic



The article examines the problematic issues of teaching medical students during the COVID 19 pandemic. In total, 73 students of the 6th year of the medical institute took part in an online training. Instead of three levels of teaching, typical for the “Pain management” course, two were left, i. e., “Theoretical knowledge” and simulation online training “The Interview”. In the end of the course the students were to take an anonymous questionnaire to meet their achievement needs. The research has proved that the online teaching can be viewed as an alternative multifunctional pedagogical instrument to educate students of the Institute of Medicine. Mind maps and “Annotation-interview” were effectively designed for new educational demands and were approved of by the students. But it should be taken into consideration that the effectiveness of the training is technically dependent and implies that all the lecturers and the students have to be supplied with personal computers with the latest software and the stable high-speed Internet.