Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №2

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The use of the photo corpus in the study of word-formation processes (on the derivatives with the prefix super-)



The paper analyzes the trends of prefix nominal derivation, identified on the data analysis represented in the National Photographic Corpus of the Polish language. It is shown that the analysis of derivatives with the prefix super-, functioning only in modern discursive practices, leads to unreasonable conclusions about the innovativeness of this process in the Polish language. The dated and localized photo citations collected in the photocorpus ensure the reliability of the data obtained, which allows us to assert that the addition of the prefix super- to the nominal parts of speech has been an active word-formation practice in the Polish language since the beginning of the XX century. The influence of Anglo-American linguistic and cultural globalization has led to an increase in the productivity of this model and to semantic specification of the prefix, which serves as a marker of an exclusively positive evaluation.