The humanities and social science

2021 Issue №4

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Internet in political communication of contempo­rary Poland: challenges and prospects for development



The article reveals the problems of political communication in modern Poland, the role of the Internet in the dialogue between the authorities and society. Particular attention is paid to the impact of social networks on the quality of political communication. The characteristic features of the position of ordinary users and representatives of political elites in the communication process are singled out and described. As a research task, the authors identified the main characteristics of political communication in the Internet space of Poland. The article analyzes the views of Polish researchers of the problem. Based on the study of statistical data and a comparison of their interpretation, it has been established that the most significant problem in the field of political communication in the Polish Internet space is the exit from the "information cocoons", and not the issues of technical re-equipment of the communication infrastructure. The authors concluded that the current polarization of opinions, multiple provocations and acts of information aggression carry the risks of destabilizing the internal political situation in the country.