The humanities and social science

2021 Issue №4

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Development of e-justice during the COVID-19 pandemic



The article provides an overview of information technologies used by courts in criminal proceedings at the present time. The authors analyze the current technical innovations used in the criminal process which acquired increased relevance during the fight on COVID-19. Special attention is paid to court videoconferencing. The authors analyze positive and negative aspects of online court sessions, which allow determining the further vector of information technology development in modern criminal proceedings. The research considers the possibility of holding court sessions using public messengers, and possible risks of this method of communication in the framework of legal proceedings are shown. Taking into account the existing specifics of modern videoconferencing, which causes not only the impossibility of personal presence in the courtroom, but also the ineffectiveness of some rhetoric and psychological techniques, the question is raised about the feasibility of developing forensic psychology and rhetoric for online meetings.