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2022 Issue №1

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Comparative geographical characteristics of multi-activity SEZ in Russia and their impact on the regional economy



Multi-activity special economic zones occupy a certain place among the Russian SEZs and have fundamentally differ from other types of economic zones. The peculiarities of their position in the strategically important regions of Russia determines the special mode of operation, separate federal laws, as well as interest for researchers. This article discusses the multi-activity SEZ of the Russian Federation located in the Kaliningrad region, Magadan region, the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sebastopol from an economic-geographical point of view. Comparative geographic analysis included such indicators as GRP, employment, investment, position and specialization of residents, as well as the characteristic physiographic features of the regions. As a result of the study, the main features of multi-activity SEZ in Russia were identified. The author analyzed the impact of the SEZs on the economy of the regions, residents, their position and specialization, and identified the main sales markets. The conclusion is made about the logical interaction of the geographical location and the functioning of the SEZ in these regions.