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2022 Issue №1

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On the dynamics of economic activity and its impact on the budgetary stability of municipalities of the Kaliningrad region



Municipalities of the Kaliningrad region are increasingly differentiated in the pace and nature of their socio-economic development in the paradigm of the center-peripheral model. The economic center and the coastal zone bordering on it are increasingly pulling together economic and human resources, increasing the risks of sustainable functioning of the eastern peripheral municipalities. This also applies to the entrepreneurial activity of the population, expressed in the number of operating SMEs. Federal institutions and the regional government are implementing measures to support the subjects of the IPU, including in the peripheral municipalities of the region. At the same time, the analysis of the current situation shows that along with programs to support existing organizations, a lot of important aspect is the implementation of programs aimed at increasing entrepreneurial activity among the local population, mainly in rural areas of semi-peripheral and peripheral municipalities of the Kaliningrad region