Natural and medical sciences

2022 Issue №1

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Developing a center for social geographical research at IKBFU



In Russia, the polarization of the centers of human-geographic research is increasing. The role of Moscow as a leading center of human geography is growing. One of the centers of the secondary level, where the research is actively developing, is Kaliningrad. Its scientists collaborate with the other research centers and actively participate in network projects studying the socio-economic geography of Russia. Based on the eLibrary database, the scientific potential of Kaliningrad, and, above all, IKBFU is considered. IKBFU concentrates many economic geographers of the region (4 professors and 13 PhDs in the field of “Economic, social, political and recreational geography”). The article assesses the publication activity of university scientists using some scientometric indicators and presents the main directions of research conducted in 2018—2021. A list of the main projects carried out by Kaliningrad residents and a list of publications grouped by areas of research is compiled.