Natural and medical sciences

2021 Issue №4

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Specifics of the economic development of the southeast of the Kaliningrad region



The development of territories at the micro level is a topical research issue due to emerging trends in the development of small towns and districts. So, on the territory of the Kaliningrad region, several micro-districts are distinguished (according to socio-economic zoning), including the territory of the south-east, i. e., Gusev, Nesterov, Ozersk and Chernyakhovsk municipalities. The southeastern territory of the region is interesting for polarization processes and the spatial structure of the territory development. The purpose of this article is to study and analyze the indicators of the economic development of the territory, considering the spatial development. Based on the published statistical data, the article analyzes a few economic indicators of industrial development in the south-east of the region and indicators of agricultural development. The dynamics of the development in these economic sectors is revealed and results in conclusions about the processes which take place in the territory under consideration.