Natural and medical sciences

2021 Issue №4

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Rural area as a peripheral zone: the verdict or potential



Changes in the spatial structure of rural settlement, which occur primarily under the influence of structural transformations in the economy, turn urban agglomerations into the drivers of growth. The periphery becomes, as a rule, depressive. This forces the regional authorities to work out programs for the regional development of peripheral territories characterized as backward areas with depopulation and population outflow, poor infrastructure, low incomes and high rates of unemployment. However, the suburban area is not homogeneous, and rural areas see one or another socio-economic problem arise. This article, based on the concept of the geodemographic situation using statistical data, considers the results of a sociological survey and field research, the socio-economic situation of rural settlements in the suburban area of the agglomeration. The authors analyse the factors influencing the distribution of the rural population within the urban agglomeration.